Investment Services

We aim to help you choose the best investments, that are in line with your goals, objectives and your attitude to risk.

Investment Services

Our Investment Services and Custody arrangements allow our customers to have exposure in multiple jurisdictions to fixed income securities (including US Treasuries, UK Gilts and Sub-Saharan Africa Eurobonds) and investment in diversified Global Investment Funds.

Our Investment Services can either be provided on an Advisory or Non-Advisory basis (execution only).

Investment products are not suitable for all clients as they can put your capital at risk.

Sub-Saharan Africa Eurobonds

Union Investment Bank is a niche player in the Sub-Saharan Africa Eurobond market. Sub-Saharan Africa Eurobonds are fixed income instruments denominated in United States Dollar (US$).

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Email us at or call us on [email protected], +971 552 677 087. You can also visit us at 39 Dubai Residential Oasis Damascus Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirate.

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