Mitigating Fraud

Please be informed that is the official, and only, website of Union Investment Bank, London and that our registered address is 39 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND.

Mitigating Fraud

Union Investment Bank is aware, like all Banks, that fraudsters target customers and wider members of public by creating bogus websites and email addresses, which are used for various up-front fee scams including offers of employment, lottery fund prizes, loans, and 419 scams.

From time to time, you may receive an email which appears as if it has been sent from Union Investment Bank advising you that you have, for example, won a lottery prize or are due to inherit a large sum of money from an unknown benefactor and asks you to verify your personal or banking details or send an advance fee in order to receive the money.

Please note the following:

  • Genuine correspondence from Union Investment Bank will always be from an email address ending
  • However, be aware that fraudsters do have the ability to mask the sending email address so that it seems as if it is from a email address.
  • Should you receive an email which appears as if it is from Union Investment Bank but you are unsure of its authenticity, please forward the email, with internet headers if possible, to us at and we will confirm whether the email was sent to you by us and actions you can take to prevent receiving scam emails in the future.
  • Union Investment Bank will never use free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Yandex or other free use email providers to contact its customers. Emails from these types of account purporting to represent Union Investment Bank will be scam emails.
  • Union Investment Bank will never contact its customers via instant messaging services or social networking sites.
  • Union Investment Bank will never participate in any type of lottery scheme.
  • Union Investment Bank will never ask you to send money as part of a job offer or the promise of a job offer.
  • Union Investment Bank will never ask you to send fees in advance via a money transfer service in return for a loan, receipt of a large inheritance or any other banking service.
  • Emails referring to Union Investment Bank involvement in such schemes will be fake no matter how genuine they may appear.
  • Union Investment Bank will never ask you to provide your personal details or bank details by email, unless there are specific requirements set by a client instructing us to contact them by email only.
    If you believe that you are a victim of fraud your next course of action should be to contact your local law enforcement agency.

To avoid receiving more scam emails it would help if you notify your email provider of the email address of the sender. Many providers have an option to mark an email as a scam. Please consult the help pages of your email provider for further instructions.

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